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By John Otis

June 14, 2021

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If you're looking to invest, it makes sense to look for reliable investments. Metals like silver, gold, platinum, and even palladium have long been known to hold their value regardless of what else is going on globally, presenting a stable investment opportunity in the face of adversity. As such, a dealer like Silver Gold Bull can be an invaluable ally in your attempts to invest in the precious metals market.

Choosing to work with this company allows you not only the ability to purchase precious metals in several different forms, but the company can even help you to set up your Gold IRA retirement account. From getting started in investing to preparing for your future, Silver Gold Bull can help you with it all.

It is, however, always a good idea to learn a little more about a company before you start investing. This review is intended to tell you a bit more about what the company does and the different options that they can present you as a consumer. Once you know what you're getting, you can make an informed decision about working with Silver Gold Bull.

Before we get into details, here's a brief summary. 

First Glance

Specialists in precious metals

Best price guarantee

Servicing Canada and the USA

Overall Rating


Not Accredited by BBB

4.8 Star Rating on Trust Pilot

Who is Silver Gold Bull?

Like most businesses, Silver Gold Bull was created to fulfill the needs of consumers. The company's primary goal was to create a place where consumers could find a number of different precious metal items, ranging from the typical bars and coins to more exotic collectibles. Paired with the desire to present consumers with great investment options was also a drive to provide excellent customer service.

One of the most important things that the company offers is a sense of legitimacy. All of the metals offered by Silver Gold Bull come from reputable suppliers, including those with such storied histories as the Royal Canadian Mint. The company also ensures that every movement of a customer's order is accounted for, ensuring that there is never a moment in which an order's legitimacy could be questioned.

The company has also managed to bridge the divide between online and real-world sales quite cleverly. So while you can certainly order your metals online, you can still order through a sales representative by phone - an excellent perk for those who are still uncomfortable shopping online.

Regardless of how you order, though, what you see is what you get. Silver Gold Bull ensures that any displayed product is actually in stock, allowing you to get what you've ordered without delay.

One of the more interesting choices made by Silver Gold Bull is that it always uses a live market rate to evaluate its products. That means that while the prices may fluctuate by the minute, you'll never end up paying a higher price based on outdated information.

What does this mean for the company's reputation? Simply put, it's given Silver Gold Bull high ratings across the board, from a 4.7 on Trustpilot to 4.9 stars on Google Reviews. It's also helped Silver Gold Bull to win the coveted Bullion Dealer of the Year Award from the Bullion Directory.

As a consumer, these accolades should help you to feel confident when dealing with this business. With many other happy customers waiting in the wings, it should also be clear that this is a business that you can trust.

Investment Opportunities

Most precious metals companies have a relatively limited number of options available for their customers. Silver Gold Bull, however, prides itself on having an eclectic collection of different metals and forms in which you can invest.

Some of the options are relatively mundane, of course - gold bars, of course, and coins from around the world. There are, however, also some very interesting options into which you can invest, like rare types of jewelry or even silver bullets.

In short, there's no shortage of options with Silver Gold Bull. Whether you're looking for a large quantity of standard items or a few special pieces, you'll find what you need here.

Investing in Silver

Silver is one of the more common metals to invest in, with a wealth of different items into which you can invest and a high level of demand that helps those items to keep value. As such, Silver Gold Bull makes it a point to keep a variety of silver items in stock.

One of the big draws of silver is that it costs less than metals like gold. Though it certainly is valuable in its own right, the lower cost means that there's a significantly lower barrier to entry for many new investors.

If you're looking into investing in Silver, Silver Gold Bull has you covered. With bars and coins and round available, it's relatively easy to get into the market.

Silver bars tend to be the investing method of choice for many investors. They are available in many different sizes, which means that they can be bought at several different price points. Given that there's bars that range from a single gram to over a thousand ounces, this means that you can spend virtually whatever you like on silver.

Despite the vast number of bars available, they're all relatively easy to identify, thanks to the serial numbers stamped on them. All it takes is a quick number check to know if the bar is genuine and to whom it might belong.

If you're not necessarily into bars, you might want to consider a round. With special designs and unique messages, they tend to be a little more expensive to buy and tend to have a greater overall level of value when you're ready to sell.

For many, though, there's no better choice than to invest in a silver coin. Silver Gold Bull offers silver coins that were minted in many countries, helping users get the value that comes with silver and the value that comes from being part of the coin collector market.

While Silver Gold Bull always offers a fair price on its silver, consumers will be glad to know that the company also price matches with other authorized bullion dealers. This means that anyone who buys silver from the company will see that he or she is always getting a fair price.

Investing in Gold

For many, the ultimate precious metals investment is in gold. Though the metal has tended to be a stable investment over the years, it's also one that has managed to serve as something of a safety net during uncertain times. As such, it's often the go-to in this part of the investment world.

The traditional method of gold investment, which Silver Gold Bull offers, is the gold bar. Ranging in size from one gram to four hundred ounces, these bars are produced both by governments and privately.

Much like silver, gold bars are often the cheapest way to invest in gold bars when you're looking at a per ounce price. As such, most investors who are looking to invest in significant quantities of gold typically look at gold bars first.

This is not, however, to say that only gold bars are worth an investment. Gold rounds, for example, can be attractive investments. While you can't spend them, they certainly have their unique appeal.

Gold coins, on the other hand, are government-produced and are legal tender. Gold coins cost more per ounce than gold bars because they cost more to mint, and they can vary significantly in price because they can range in size from a single gram to an entire kilogram.

Investing in Platinum

Silver Gold Bull does carry platinum, a significantly rarer metal that tends to be as desired by investors as it is by those who need metal for more practical industrial applications. In fact, the demand for the metal has helped to drive its price fairly high.

Silver Gold Bull does have relatively rare platinum coins. They cost more than platinum bars, but they also have a face value that can make many feel a bit more comfortable with this type of investment. No matter what form you choose, though, platinum remains a pricey but smart investment.

Investing in Palladium

Palladium is a scarce metal, around fifteen times more rare than platinum, but absolutely vital in both the jewelry and automotive industries.

As with platinum, Silver Gold Bull does offer both bars and coins to palladium investors. Relatively small (the largest are only ten ounces), the bars do cost less per ounce than the rarely-minted palladium coins. However, Silver Gold Bull carries the rare Royal Canadian Min Maple Leaf palladium coin, a scarce product that grows in value each year as demand far outstrips supply.

Key Benefits

Best Price Guarantee

One of the most impressive parts of working with Silver Gold Bull is that the company offers the best price guarantee. If you can find an authorized dealer with an advertised price that beats Silver Gold Bull, the company will match that price - including shipping and fees.

What this means is that you'll not only be guaranteed to get the best price with Silver Gold Bull, but you'll also get all the benefits of shopping with the company at the same time. Though you'll have to match your products by model, brand, and condition, simply knowing that the price you pay at Silver Gold Bull is always the best price is truly invaluable.

Secure Storage

One of the significant issues of investing in precious metals is figuring out how to keep those metals safe. While Silver Gold Bull is undoubtedly able to send the metals you've purchased home to you, they can also store those metals in one of the company's storage facilities.

One thing to note about Silver Gold Bull's storage is that you don't have to buy through the company to use those options; instead, you can move over your existing precious metals to the company when you wish. This gives anyone the ability to take advantage of the company's secure storage facilities.

Customers are currently available to store their metals in one of five different storage facilities. Three are located in Canada (Calgary, Toronto, and Vancouver), one is in the United States (Salt Lake City) and one is in Singapore.

All of the facilities, however, are very safe. Not only do they feature great security systems, but they're also insured and audited to make sure that you know exactly what's going on with your investments. Even better for some is the fact that the storage rates are right around the industry average.

Storing your metals with Silver Gold Bull is as easy as filling out a form on the website or talking to a representative on the phone. Setting up storage is quick and easy, with most of the work done by the company.

Secure and Insured Shipping

Not everyone wants to keep their metals in storage with Silver Gold Bull. That's why the company goes the extra mile to ensure that all of its shipments are insured and secured when shipped.

Once your investments are mailed out, you'll receive a tracking number. Customers have to sign for their deliveries, ensuring that every purchase goes right where it is meant to go. The company also offers free shipping for orders over ninety-nine dollars, making it a very affordable process for most.

Shipping is also reasonably quick. It only takes two days for most orders to be packed and shipped, ensuring that your purchases get to you as quickly as possible.

What About IRA's?

An Individual Retirement Account, more commonly known as an IRA, is an account used by many to plan for retirement. Silver Gold Bull simply helps consumers set up a specialized kind of account known as a Precious Metals IRA to direct their own investments better.

While Precious Metal IRAs may not be the most traditional way to invest for retirement, they make a great deal of sense for those investing in precious metals. These accounts help to move investments out of the risk-prone stock market and into the more stable world of precious metals.

Of course, there's a great deal to be said for simply using these metals as something of a safety net. You can keep money in traditional accounts, safely knowing that you've got a solid investing structure in place. In fact, the same market pressures that might cause a traditional account to lose money may actually help IRAs to rise in value.

For many, though, the real draw of this kind of account is that it's relatively easy to liquidate. It only takes a few quick calls to turn your precious metal into cash, which gives you even more options as you head towards retirement.

This can be even more valuable for those who do business internationally. After all, precious metals have value no matter where you go - and as time goes by, knowing that you've got an investment that is meaningful across the world can give you more confidence in your future plans.

It's worth noting that, although Silver Gold Bull does seem to help customers setting up an IRA, they don't specialize in this type of investing and there are probably some better options out there. We researched the thousands of review they have on Trust Pilot and we didn't find a single customer review mentioning how they helped them setup an IRA.

The better alternatives for IRA's are Goldco and Birch Gold. 

However, they do have lots of satisfied customers regarding coin, bar, and overall bullion purchases. 


Is Silver Gold Bull Reputable?

This company has been in business for a long time, gets some of the highest quality metals, and have thousands of reviews from satisfied customers. No company is perfect, but overall, they have great customer satisfaction. 

Is Silver Gold Bull Safe?

Yes, they are safe to invest with. This company has secured storage vaults and have insurance on your purchases when they are shipped directly to you and when you store with them.

Reviews, Ratings, and Complaints

Although they aren't accredited by Better Business Bureau  and don't have many reviews there, they do have thousands of review on Trust Pilot.  

They have great ratings from customers on Facebook, Google, and some other review sites as well.

Here are some of the reviews from customers.

Pros and Cons


  • Silver Gold Bull has a huge selection of precious metal items, especially when compared to most of the competition.
  • The price match guarantee ensures that customers always get the best price.
  • Customers have the options to get safe, secure delivery or to have their items stored in one of the company's secured storage facilities.


  • Customers who pay through PayPal or with a credit card do not qualify for the company's four percent discount.
  • Although they offer IRA assistance, it's not one of their specialties

Final Verdict: Should You Invest?

Silver Gold Bull certainly stands out in the world of precious metals. Not only do they offer a wide range of products, but many of those items simply aren't able to be found anywhere else.

Simply put, this company does a fantastic job of helping both new and experienced investors. It's important to note, however, that they do things exceptionally well and other things just average. If you're looking to buy coins, bars, or physical bullion in smaller quantities to be shipped to your home, then Silver Bull Gold is an excellent option. You can visit their website here to learn more about that. 

If you are looking for more of a retirement strategy and are considering IRA's, then here are the top three companies to consider below. You can request a free gold investment kit from them and learn more about IRA investments. 

  • Thousands of 5 star reviews
  • Top overall choice
  • Excellent customer experience
  • A+ BBB rating
  • Free gold investing kit
  • 4.96 overall rating on BBB
  • Excellent customer reviews
  • No cost portfolio review
  • Great leadership team
  • In business since 2003
  • Solid reviews
  • Great educators

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