Regal Assets Review (2021 Update)

By John Otis

September 9, 2021

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Do you have an interest in precious metals or cryptocurrencies? Then, you’re probably like one of the three following people.

Person A: You might be a person who’s a little hesitant to play the stock market, and that might be putting it mildly. It might fill you with visions of plunging stock value, but you still want to find a sound investment system. The solution doesn’t have to lie in cash items like stocks. You can put your attention towards precious metals. It’s something that many wealthy and influential people do, and there’s no reason why you can’t be part of the process.

Person B: This describes you if you’re really into technology, particularly things involving cryptocurrencies. You understand that technology will only get more advanced and penetrate the way we live even more. This includes our money. Having paper and coin money is like getting around via horse and buggy. With this in mind, you’re eager to see what cryptocurrency can do for your stock portfolio.

Person C: Do you want to get the best of both worlds, investing in precious metals as well as cryptocurrencies? Then, you’d be a Person C. You’re drawn to the consistency of precious metals value, but crypto is also very attractive to you, especially with how new they are. You want to give your portfolio a real feeling of diversity, and this is how you’re going to do it.

Your personality might be one of those or a mix. Regal Assets is a great company to work with if you want to start investing in precious metals and/or cryptocurrencies. But just like every company, they have both benefits and drawbacks and are not a great fit for everyone.

Overall, we consider them to be a great choice for getting your investments to the next level with a diversified portfolio that you can be proud of. Here's the rundown.


We understand that selecting a company to invest with is a critical decision. Our team has spent thousands of hours researching and reporting on the good, bad, and ugly of hundreds of gold dealers. 

We take great pride in providing the most in-depth, researched, and comprehensive information as possible so you can make the best decision for yourself and/or family. 

Out of the hundreds of dealers that we review, there are only 5 companies that we'd feel comfortable investing in ourselves. Did Regal Assets make it to the top 5? Check the final list below.

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Regal Assets has become quite a prominent name in the investing landscape. Financial expert Tyler Gallagher started them. He has a real talent for understanding the value of using somewhat non-traditional ways to help people invest.

Precious metals and cryptocurrencies might not get discussed as much as stocks or bonds, but they’re still valid and worth pursuing.

They couldn’t do this all on their own. They work with reputable custodians and trading firms to help you run your account.

Their cryptocurrency section is called “Regal Wallet,” and you can use this to understand better cryptocurrencies and how they help strengthen your portfolio.

No matter if you want to invest in precious metals or cryptocurrency, Regal Assets and Regal Wallet will give you the royal treatment either way.

Why Precious Metals?

Precious metals are a worthwhile investment due to their stability. They have long seen a rise in value when cash assets go down.

Your investment portfolio doesn’t have to be thrown out and only filled with precious metals. Just make some room for it to hedge against economic downturns.

Think of precious metals like a beam holding up your home. It might not be the only component, but it’s presence and importance is immense. They are great for protecting your purchasing power.

For more than 10 years, Regal Assets has been a standout of the precious metals IRA world. When you have precious metals in your portfolio, you’re saying that you’re prepared for whatever might happen.

Which Precious Metals Do They Offer?





Why Cryptocurrency?

Precious metals are absolutely a phenomenal way to improve your investment portfolio, but cryptocurrency is a next-level kind of money. It’s something that could completely reshape how we handle transactions.

Regal Wallet has cryptocurrency IRAs with Bitcoin and Ethereum. These are gold and silver, only brought to a digital format.

Similar to gold and silver, cryptocurrency is a decentralized form of currency. That means no one person controls or owns it. Supply and demand ultimately determine the price of a cryptocurrency.

The stock market and the rest of the economy might see dips or worse, but cryptocurrency isn’t going to take the hit. There’s nothing unsavory about it, either. The Internal Revenue Service even recognizes it.

Regal Assets was the first business to help people put cryptocurrency in their retirement accounts.

They were also the first financial services company to be given a crypto-commodity trading license.

This is a company that doesn’t wait around to follow trends. If anything, they’re true trendsetters.

Regal Assets Crypto IRA Options








On their site, Regal Assets says they’ll offer support for all cryptocurrencies.

The eight in the list above are the most-used types, but you can still talk to their customer service department about other ones you might want to use.

One important thing to mention: Investing in cryptocurrency still carries a good deal of risk. Regal Assets advises not investing in any more money than you can comfortably lose. 

Additionally, they urge speaking with a financial advisor prior to making any final decisions with investing.

What Investments Are Recommended?

Regal Assets products come in two different groups: Protection and Security Packages and Investments and Retirement Portfolios.

In the Protection and Security Packages, you’ll get just precious metals. The Investment and Retirement Portfolios have a combination of precious metals as well as for cryptocurrencies.

Check out these graphics to see what your choices are with each option.

There are two types of Protection and Security Packages. First, there's the Merchant Package. Then, there's the Knighthood Package.

These are both developed with security in mind, and you can liquidate them without any difficulty.

The prices for these are between $5,000 and $10,000.

The Investment and Retirement Portfolios have four options. There’s the Kingship Portfolio, the Dynasty Portfolio, the Coronation Portfolio, and the Legacy Portfolio.

These are each focused on different kinds of investors. They cost between $25,000 and $250,000.

What Makes Them Unique?

Regal Assets has lots of unique features to enjoy. These are 11 of the best ones:

Free Gold IRA Guide

If you’re puzzled about rolling your current IRA over into a Gold IRA, you can ask for this free kit from Regal Assets. It comes with a Forbes Magazine issue that discusses Regal Assets.

There’s also a documentary about the Federal Reserve, which discusses the Gold IRA industry in greater detail.

Finally, there’s a report discussing the 2008 financial situation and how it impacted gold and silver.

Secure and Insured Storage

The IRS requires precious metals to be kept at an approved depository. Regal Assets works with some excellent vault businesses.

They partner with Brinks, who is renowned for their security efforts. You’ll be able to store your gold, silver, or other valuables in one of their vaults, located throughout the world.

What’s the point of segregated storage? It keeps your precious metals away from others. It also comes with insurance, which equals your account’s amount.

Free Crypto IRA Kit

Like with the Gold IRA kit, you can ask for a free Crypto IRA Kit. This is good if you want to know more about how cryptocurrencies work. It also has the same copy of Forbes.

You’ll also get a DVD called “The Rise of Bitcoin.” This talks about how the famous cryptocurrency is affecting the worldwide economy. You can also see how Regal Wallet’s pricing structure works.

401(k) to IRA Rollovers

Regal Assets makes it really easy to do a rollover. They have rollover options for IRAs, 401(k)s, SEPs, 403(b)s, and TSPs.

It can be a little confusing to understand rollovers and taxing to get it done, but it feels a lot easier when you’re working with Regal Assets.

You don’t have to get in touch with your IRA custodian, either. Regal Assets will get in touch with them on your behalf. You just need to talk about how much you’re looking to invest and how you want to invest. They manage everything else.

Regal Wallet

Regal Wallet is a distinct part of Regal Assets, focusing on cryptocurrencies. They keep your cryptocurrency through cold storage.

With a cryptocurrency, you can be ahead of the pack when it comes to a potentially massive source of investing power.

Regal IRA

Perhaps you see the good in both precious metals and cryptocurrencies. If that’s you, you should work with Regal IRA.

This was the very first Alternate Assets IRA to allow simultaneous precious metal and cryptocurrency investments.

It’s pretty amazing and very unique.

Since cryptocurrency is such a new concept, many financial experts think it may be undervalued right now. This is in contrast to the steady value of gold.

Speedy Turnaround

You don’t have to wait very long to get your precious metals. They arrive in a seven-day timespan.

Meanwhile, the average wait time for precious metals is between 15 and 30 days.

Flat Fees

In your first year as a customer, your fees are completely waived. That’s definitely something worth appreciating.

Top-Tier Customer Service

If you look up Regal Assets, you might get overwhelmed by how much praise there is. Specifically, you’ll notice the attention given to their customer service. They attribute their progress to their customer service, and we’re not about to contradict them.

The Better Business Bureau gives them an A+, and they have a 99.99 percent satisfaction rating from TrustLink users. That’s astounding for any business, no matter what they’re involved in.

They also give very fast responses to questions and make sure that everything is going well for you. If you need help with something, don’t be shy to ask.

Longstanding Reputation

You don’t get love like Regal Assets does without earning a great reputation along the way. Many influential sources have given them accolades.

These include Forbes, Bitcoin, Inc. Magazine, SmartMoney, Bloomberg, and The Huffington Post.

Ranked number 20 on the Inc. 500 and part of the Forbes Finance Council, they have a lot of clout behind them.

They haven’t even been around for that long, starting in 2009.

Pros and Cons


  • Solid reputation in gold IRA industry
  • Segregated storage safety - includes very low fees
  • Free investment kits
  • Flat Fees
  • Fees waives in first year


  • Not the best option for inexperienced investors or people without a lot of money
  • Must invest $5,000 minimum with metals
  • There have been claims that high profile clients get better customer service than the average investor 
  • Must invest $25,000 or more with retirement accounts

Are There Better Companies Out There?

There are over a hundred precious metal investment firms out there so it can be difficult to distinguish which ones to consider from which to absolutely stay away from.

There are things that some firms do much better than others, but overall what you want to look for is reputation, quality of their products, how responsive and attentive their customer service reps are, the consistency to which they deliver on their promises, and their overall customer reviews online.


9.6 / 10

  • Top overall choice
  • Excellent customer experience
  • Over 1500 5 star reviews
  • A+ BBB rating

8.9 / 10

  • 4.96 overall rating on BBB
  • Excellent customer reviews
  • No cost portfolio review
  • Great leadership teams

8.7 / 10

  • In business since 2003
  • Solid reviews
  • Great educators

8.2 / 10

  • Long history
  • $5,000-$250,000 packages
  • Trusted for over 15 years

8.0 / 10

  • Highly reviewed
  • Low investment minimums
  • Good education

The #1 Gold Company in the USA

The best overall company based on what over 1500 customers are saying, is Goldco. They have an average of 4.9 stars BBB, Consumer Reports, and Trust Pilot. That's almost unheard of, especially with the total number of reviews they have.

Goldco offers gold, silver, and other precious metals and assists customers with setting up Gold IRAs. They have had a thriving and reputable business for ten years plus and they have very few complaints.  

We love that you can request a 100% free gold investing guide from them without the pressure sales tactics that lots of companies use. If you want a customer service rep to reach out to you, you can request that also. Watch this video from Goldco to learn more.

Final Verdict: Should You Invest?

We hope reading this has helped you get a few things clarified. If there is anything else you’d like to know about this company, feel free to reach out.

To get more information from the #1 company Goldco, you can click here to download your free gold investment guide.

Or you can continue on to Regal Assets.

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