Noble Gold Review

By John Otis

February 4, 2021

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Want to improve your retirement portfolio investments but trying to find alternatives to the standard stocks and bonds?

Then, you should take a look at precious metals. Gold, silver, and other precious metals can be put into an IRA with a precious metal companies help.

Now, how do you know which of these firms is reputable and who can help you accomplish this?

You can’t just click on a random name, especially not when your future is at stake. No, you want to find a trusted, experienced, and household name that you can rely on.

Noble Gold Investments is one of those companies. They’re a precious metals IRA firm focused on clear communication and strong education.

As you read this, we’ll talk about all the essential parts of precious metals investing and working with Noble Gold. That includes what they are great at and what they need improvement with. So let's dive in.


We understand that selecting a company to invest with is a critical decision. Our team has spent thousands of hours researching and reporting on the good, bad, and ugly of hundreds of gold dealers. 

We take great pride in providing the most in-depth, researched, and comprehensive information as possible so you can make the best decision for yourself and/or family. 

Out of the hundreds of dealers that we review, there are only 5 companies that we'd feel comfortable investing in ourselves. 

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Did Noble Gold make it to the top 5? Read the above review to find out. 

Who is Noble Gold Investments?

Noble Gold Investments is a precious metals IRA firm. They’re headquartered in Pasadena, California. Their founders, Charles Thorngren and Collin Plume, are friends and financial experts.

They founded the company when they saw how much of a gap there was in terms of honesty in precious metals.

Rather than contributing to that dishonesty, Thorngren and Plume decided to set a better example.

With Noble Gold, there’s no pushiness or deception.

They display truthfulness, kindness, and wisdom. You’ll learn how to use precious metals investments in a way that works for you.

Their founders care about investors and the quality of their portfolios. You can experience the joy of knowing that someone is helping you for your benefit.

Why Precious Metals?

Since you’re reading this guide, you likely have some kind of interest and curiosity about precious metals.

However, there’s a chance you’re still skeptical or unsure about why they’re worth investing in.

Your retirement’s quality can depend on the economy, and if the stock market goes down, your investment portfolio could follow it.

So, why would precious metals be any safer? After all, aren’t they just as tied to the stock market like stocks or cash bonds?

Actually, precious metals tend to see a rise where other assets fall. This inverse correlation is what makes them so great in an economic downturn

We’ve witnessed numerous market plummets in our lifetime, such as the 2008 financial crisis and what’s happened in wake of the coronavirus.

History is liable to repeat itself, but many investors still haven’t seen the light. The adage “Fool me twice, shame on me” comes to mind.

Precious metals in your retirement portfolio can safeguard it against the economy's flaws, such as inflation.

Investing is also a very smart decision if you’re worried about taxes. If you sell your precious metals, like in a buyback program, the money you get isn’t taxed.

So, you can turn non-cash assets into cash and not even have to face taxes. Isn’t that wonderful?

Which Services Do They Offer?

There are three things you can choose from when you start an account. Start a Gold IRA, a Silver IRA, or just purchase the metals yourself.

1. Gold IRA - A Gold IRA works just like a traditional one. The only difference is that it has gold assets rather than paper ones.

These metals are kept in depositories, located in Delaware or Texas.

2. Silver IRA - A Silver IRA, works similarly to a Gold IRA. Only in this case, you’ll be keeping silver in a depository.

3. Royal Survival Packs - A Royal Survival Pack is for people who want to take complete ownership of precious metals.

They include a blend of different precious metals. These can be turned into cash very quickly if you need money.

You can store these at your home, but you should be careful about where and how you keep them.

Noble Gold Fees

These are the fees associated with each plan:




Gold IRA



Silver IRA



Royal Survival Packs



What Precious Metals Do They Offer?

Noble Gold has the most desirable precious metals: gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.

1. Gold Coins - more than 10 different kinds
2. Silver Coins - more than 12 different kinds
3. Platinum Coins - three different kinds
4. Palladium Coins - three different kinds
5. Rare Coins - three different kinds

If you just want to collect these metals, you can be drawn to these offerings.

Are You A Good Fit?

If any of these apply, then Noble Gold Investments is a great fit for you:

  • You’re looking for a precious metals IRA firm that’s not going to use pressure sales tactics. They aren't about these methods because they know it’s better to keep customers through honesty than to draw them in through dishonesty. If you’d benefit from an account, they’ll help you open one, without any additional complications.
  • You’re interested in precious metals investments, but you don’t have a ton of money to spare. Their minimum investment requirements for Gold and Silver IRAs are only $2,000, which is a lot lower than other precious metal IRA firms. 
  • You’re concerned about another significant world problem and want to own precious metals to help you stay solvent. With Royal Survival Packs, you have a much better chance against inflation or other financial issues affecting the world at large.

What Do Customers Have To Say?

Noble Gold’s Better Business Bureau rating is at A+. This is based on several factors, such as their longevity, honesty, and stability.

Their Consumer Affairs rating is a perfect five-out-five stars. They have the same score from TrustLink.

From the start, Noble Gold has given credit for incredible customer service.

There can be some confusion with doing things like IRA rollovers, but people find that Noble Gold is truly noble in helping their customers.

Customers have also said they had worries about buying gold, due to the scam risks. However, they ended up being a company they could really trust.

Some people could’ve gotten precious metals with the help of their traditional IRA’s custodian yet chose to work with this company due to their excellent reputation.

Here's what some of their customers have said about them:

What Makes Them Unique?

Several factors help them stand out, even amongst other excellent companies.

Free Gold IRA Guide

If you need more information about precious metals IRAs, including how to roll over another IRA, Noble Gold offers a free guide on their website.

This guide shows you how much a precious metals IRA can keep your net worth humming and allow you to retire gracefully.

You can also get a cohesive breakdown of rollovers and find out about all the advantages and disadvantages to full prepare yourself.

First and Only Texas Storage

Do you live in Texas? If so, it may please you to know Noble Gold is the one precious metals firm with Texas depositories. This is due to their agreement with International Depository Services.

Before them, the IDS only had depositories located in Delaware.

However, Delaware can’t claim all the depositories for itself. Noble Gold has allowed the playing field to be leveled considerably.

As long as your precious metals are in a good facility, they’ll be safe. However, it’s still nice to see how they have helped to spread the wealth.

Royal Survival Packs

If the economy’s performance concerns you, precious metals can be like a sigh of relief. The dollar might end up being worthless, but gold’s value should persist.

One of Noble Gold’s Royal Survival Packs can be an excellent investment in case of a disaster.

These range in price, between $5,000 and $500,000. They have coins and bullion in both gold and silver.

You can get a Royal Survival Pack sent right to your doorstep or at a particular location for later pickup.

Either method is low-key and safe. You might not be able to buy groceries with gold bullion, but it’s still a very good thing to have, at least on standby.

Buyback Program

Maybe after a few years of owning precious metals, you’ll decide you don’t want them any longer or realize that you need to raise cash in a hurry.

You don’t have to look for another buyer and pray that you get something resembling a fair rate. Noble Gold will re-purchase them without any hassle and the same honesty and transparency they showed when you first started your account.

Stellar Education

This company doesn’t assume anything about their customers.

This explains why they care so much about teaching people about investment smarts.

You can make the investment decisions that work for you, not the ones that you think everyone else is.

Pros and Cons


  • Fast account registration
  • Work with knowledgable and helpful advisors
  • Reasonable investment minimums
  • Great online reviews
  • Customer care is top-notch
  • Buyback program


  • Doesn’t let you store precious metals outside of the U.S
  • Newer than other firms

How To Get Started?

It’s very easy to start investing.

There’s a simple application on their website, which you can fill out in under 10 minutes.

Step 1

Get on their site and find your desired IRA on the top menu, either Gold or Silver.

Step 2

Find “Open An Account” on the bottom and click on it.

Step 3

Fill out all the necessary personal information.

Step 4

Put in your investment information, such as the kind of account, custodian, and how much you’ll be rolling over.

Step 5

Fill out the beneficiary information, like relationship and how much you’ll be leaving.

Like we said, it doesn’t take long at all.

After this is complete, a company representative will contact you to verify your account.

Information They Require

1. Personal Info

  • Name, phone, and email
  • Birthdate
  • Home address
  • Social Security number
  • Marital status
  • 2. Investment Info

  • Name of current IRA custodian
  • Current type of IRA
  • Current IRA number
  • How much you want to roll over into precious metals IRA
  • 3. Beneficiary Info

  • Beneficiary’s legal name
  • Their home address
  • Their Social Security number
  • How they’re related to you
  • The percentage of the account you want to give to them
  • If they’re a primary or contingent beneficiary
  • How Do They Compare Against Their Competitors?

    We’ve done extensive research into numerous Gold IRA businesses, such as Goldco and Advantage Gold.

    Here's how Noble Gold compares:

    1. Minimum Investment Amount - They have the lowest required investment total. You only need to invest $2,000, less than half of Regal Assets’ $5,000 minimum, and a mere fraction compared to the $25,000 minimum of Advantage Gold and Goldco.
    2. Yearly Fees - Their fees are comparable to other precious metal firms. However, some firms, like Advantage Gold, waive fees in the initial year when you put $50,000 or more into your account.
    3. Rollover Process - It’s effortless to roll your old IRA into precious metals. You can’t do this all online, but it can be accomplished in such a little amount of time. Other firms require so much more effort, making this such as relief by comparison.
    4. Customer Service - Every precious metals firm we review has a knack for excellent customer service. The same goes for Noble Gold. They’re handling items of value, and they know how to value their customers all the same.
    5. Longevity - One thing that might make them seem a little less attractive is how new they are. They started in 2017, and while they’re definitely a great business, they’re babies compared to ones with decades in business.

    Final Verdict: Should You Invest?

    Noble Gold Investments is a fine choice for anyone wanting to start a gold or silver IRA.

    They might be relatively new, but they've got a maturity that makes them seem a lot older.

    Their customer service, great learning resources, and reasonable prices all combine into one excellent company.

    There are over a thousand gold companies out there, and we have researched and reviewed a majority of them. While Noble Gold is a solid company, the most important thing is if they made the top 5 gold dealers list, or if they failed to make the cut. 

    -----> See the complete top 5 list here

    Or continue on to Noble Gold by clicking the visit website button below. 

    150+ 5 Star Ratings

    First Glance

    Specialists in precious metal IRA's

    Excellent job educating customers

    Great promotions for new accounts

    Overall Rating


    5 Star Rating on Consumer Affairs

    100+ 5 Star Reviews on TrustLink

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