Understanding The Role of Silver In Your Portfolio

By John Otis

May 13, 2021

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When you imagined a marketplace scene centuries ago, you probably envision coins being exchanged. But what do those coins look like? While you might expect gold, silver would be much more accurate. Many currencies have been classified in silver weights. Throughout the world, across continents, silver was synonymous with money.

The book isn’t closed on this shiny metal. Many investors see silver as equally crucial as gold when it comes to precious metals, which can really help an investment portfolio. The dollar’s value is so volatile based on conditions in the market. On the contrary, silver doesn’t get hit when the economy stumbles. In fact, it holds a steady value and can even see increases as the dollar’s value falls. It’s no wonder investors see it as a key part of their portfolios.

Whether you’re an investor, own a jewelry shop, or are just interested in precious metals, silver deserves your attention. It has incredible usage in technology, with more discoveries to come. There’s many reasons to be optimistic about silver and leave at least a little room for it in your portfolio.

Even the most optimistic of analysts have been impressed by its recent performance. It’s become a must-invest item, and the good feelings aren’t wavering any time soon. The price increased throughout the year, and silver ETFs are becoming some of the hottest securities around.

Through silver investments, you can bring much-needed diversification, protect yourself from inflation and further your income, whether you are an everyday investor or getting close to retirement.

Perceived Value vs Actual Value

Silver has actual value as an asset, which makes it a lot more desirable than bonds or stocks. If your stock or bond doesn’t do well, you’re left with nothing. That’s why it’s so devastating to invest in a company that soon goes belly-up.

Silver doesn’t have that fate. People throughout the world trade and desire it. You can find people selling it on the internet and in person. Like gold, it is seen as a refuge away from the woes of the dollar. Plus, it certainly looks a lot more attractive, right?

If you fear inflation, it can be great protection. You can’t tell exactly where the economy is going, but you can take steps to help you understand where it's going and prepare accordingly. Silver has value that goes back for millennia. This is why investors continue purchase. Here are some of the benefits and drawbacks of this precious metal.

What are the Benefits?

Protects Your Purchasing Power

Silver can give you immediate and long-term asset protection. Although investors have long used this metal for portfolio protection, its popularity has grown during financially turbulent times, as people have realized there’s a world beyond paper assets.

When the economy nosedived in 2008, stock values decreased by more than half. Even getting back to acceptable levels took more than five years. Meanwhile, the price of silver was almost quadrupled. Those who had invested early reaped the benefits, and newcomers realized just how much precious metals could help a portfolio.

As with gold, silver sees price increases when stocks are headed downward. Many economists are forecasting some stormy seas ahead for stocks. However, those are the perfect conditions for silver to have another breakthrough. Anyone worried about the economy and their portfolio needs to look into it.

It might not seem probable, but it is possible that you could lose your retirement savings through a market decline. You don’t have to exclusively invest in precious metals, but you should try to bring in at least some. Plus, you can do this without taxation, allowing you to hold onto your stock market earnings.

Although silver is discussed in less-laudatory terms than gold, it’s still got plenty of value. It’s not too expensive, either, which really helps to level the investment playing field. Some argue that silver is actually being undervalued, so you might want to get in on the action now before the price really shoots up.

Money That's Tangible

Silver’s value is rooted in its tangibility. Unlike stocks or bonds, it can be held and felt, and its value is so much more stable as a result.

The economy can create or destroy a stock’s value. This is great when things are going well, but it’s devastating in times of turmoil. While a stock could bring you a fortune, there’s also a chance it’ll bring you nothing except for a tainted portfolio.

Affordable To Most

Silver isn’t quite as valuable as gold, which means it’s a lot more affordable. Let’s say you’re really interested in precious metals investments, but you don’t have enough to invest in gold. Does that mean you should be left out in the cold? Of course not; you should instead look into silver as a great alternative investment strategy.

You get a lot more silver than you do for gold that costs exactly the same. You need to be sure you have a good transportation/storage system in place. You might also pruchase more than you think you need so you can sell some of it in the future. 

Although there are smaller quantities of gold available for purchase, these can come with much higher premiums compared to silver. Therefore, you should go for silver if you want an affordable precious metal that also holds real value. You can make profit all while helping your portfolio right now and in the future. 

Has High ROI Potential

The desire for silver increases with industry demands, which can make it more valuable than gold in some ways. With further demand comes price rises. These can eclipse gold’s increases, based on percentage. Silver can therefore look more impressive while seemingly doing less compared to gold.

These aren’t flukes, either. In bull markets, silver often grows at a faster rate than gold. Although much of the attention tends to be on gold, silver is quietly enjoying success outside of the spotlight. It’s like an actor who might not get the starring role but who always puts in great work.

Has A Great Reputation and Tradition

We can understand being skeptical about some new kind of cryptocurrency, but silver’s value has long been established. There are even people alive today who remember when it was a standard means of currency. Despite the influx of paper currency, silver still has a place.

Any kind of paper asset you can think of, silver can hold its own against. It’s value is no longer tied to the amount printed on a coin. Meanwhile, you look at the dollar and see that its value has gone down by 96 percent after 1913.

Nearly* Anonymous Purchases

Don’t want your silver investment to be overly publicized? You don’t have to, thanks to some quasi-anonymous investment opportunities.

You’ll need to tell the IRS if you place a substantial order, of course, but lots of investors get their silver one coin at a time. You might not be able to guarantee that nobody knows about your silver, but you can take measures to decrease the number of prying eyes as much as possible.

What are the Drawbacks?

We can’t just tell you that everything is perfect about silver and there’s reason to ask questions. Any kind of investment is a risk, and even one as reputable as silver comes with risks. You need to be confident in your investing decisions and know whether silver has a place in your portfolio and your potential goals for it.

Price Fluctuations

Silver does well when the dollar is in decline. However, that doesn’t mean silver can’t experience its own hardships. There are times when the economy could lead to silver’s price going down.

The price’s volatility can be attributed to its investment and industry purposes. When conditions such as work shortages occur, the demand can go down significantly, along with the price. This happened when the pandemic started in 2020, as there was a major decline in work, causing silver prices to decline.

However, it’s not all gloom. Investors still saw silver as a great product, and they helped to bring the price back up. While silver can go down, it’s also sturdy enough to withstand some bumps and bruises. If you choose to invest in silver, make sure to monitor the prices so you know when it’s a good time to sell, if necessary.

Weight Makes Transporting Difficult

A small fortune in gold could easily fit in a small bag. A fortune in silver requires the back of a truck. It may seem like it makes more sense to stick with gold, for both the value and the transportation. Or, you could have both silver and gold, but decide it’s better to concentrate on gold, using silver as another means of protection, as well as variety.

Storage Expenses

You have to keep all that silver somewhere, and it definitely shouldn’t be a hall closet. You’ll need to pay to keep it locked up at a depository, but since silver takes up so much room, those storage prices can be pretty steep. You may end up paying more on storage than you can afford, making it more logical to just invest in gold.

Theft Risk

Anything you can hold can be stolen, including silver. This is why we urge you to get professional storage rather than keeping it in your home. Even if you have a locked safe or other “theft-proof” measure, it’s still better to let the experts hold them. You could also put your gold in a safe deposit box. The best practice is to purchase your coins via a silver IRA and keep them at a depository.

How Risky is Investing in Silver?

Investing in silver is risky the same way getting into the ocean is risky. Dangers are present, but they can be averted if you know about them and how to react if they present themselves. If you’re careless, you might get into trouble. However, if you are alert and practical, you can have an amazing experience. Additionally, there’s an argument to be made that silver is much safer than other types of investments.

To start, silver is seen as salvation during economic woes. It can be risky to not invest in silver if you think about it. That’s like having a smoke alarm without any spare batteries around.

The main disadvantage for silver investments is that you might not get as much as you might want because the economy is doing well, and you’re not selling your silver. Part of being an investor means knowing when to go with your gut and when to play it safe. However, that doesn’t mean being cautious with your silver means it was a bad idea to invest. It’s just that you have to know your limits.

Final Thoughts: How Do I Determine If Silver Is Right For Me?

The right time to invest in silver is whenever you feel comfortable with it. You might feel better about doing so in a few months when you’ve done more research, and market conditions are more optimal.

You need to have a general handle on investing so that you don’t get carried away or end up making some uneducated decisions. Re-familiarize yourself with your portfolio, examining its current progress, and considering how close you are to retirement. If you’re less than ten years away, you might want to really get a move on investing in silver.

Portfolio diversification doesn’t mean completely obliterating your previous investments. It means simply opening things up for further opportunities and even greater gains. If one type of asset hits a slump, it can be a little dispiriting. However, you won’t be left feeling like you have no place else to go. Silver adds both value and diversity to your portfolio.

We totally believe in the pros of silver, but you really won’t know how good it is until you actually invest in it. You don’t need to make any kind of drastic investment. Start with a silver IRA from a reputable broker, and see how much it does for your portfolio confidence.

With a silver IRA, you can keep your money safe and look even more forward to your retirement. You can even take the funds in an existing IRA and put them into your silver IRA. Plus, you can avoid taxes as long as you don't take any distributions. There are many companies out there but only a few professionals we'd trust.

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