Best Gold Investment Companies in Los Angeles, CA

By John Otis

July 18, 2022

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When you are near retirement age, it is natural to consider the stock and securities markets as a place to increase your wealth. However, it is not advisable to invest on just one front.

It would help if you diversified to lower the risk. The people who are uninterested in stressing about the uncertainty of the stock markets should consider diversification. For example, investors increasingly turn to precious metals as a haven in troubled economic times.

In the event of a complete fiscal disaster or a substantial slump in the stock markets, stakeholders with some precious metals as part of their retirement investment have an additional layer of protection against financial loss. In addition, it could be financially devastating for an investor if their portfolio consists of only blue-chip stocks and the market declines in value.

It is safe to keep gold and silver as part of your investment portfolio and ensures that your retirement capital will be available to you should an emergency arise after retirement.

An IRA may be an avenue for investors to protect and diversify their retirement assets. Precious metals IRAs offer various options for diversifying your portfolio. These diverse options include rare coins, platinum, gold, silver and palladium. The goal should be to create a well-balanced portfolio to help you reach your retirement goals.

There are several options for individuals who want to purchase gold, silver, or other precious metals. First, you can set up an IRA account with a top precious metals investment company. Another option is to convert an existing IRA into a gold IRA account. The best way to make these types of investments is with the help of an expert financial advisor.

Due to the competitive nature of the investment market and its crowded nature, investors can find it difficult to figure out a starting point. Here, we get into details regarding some of the best gold investment companies.



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Where to Buy Gold in Los Angeles?

Local coin shops in Los Angeles may be an excellent place to purchase small amounts of valuable metals. You can use Google Maps to help locate coin dealers that you find appropriate. We get many inquiries from our readers about good gold shops in the US. However, suppose you want an investment of sizeable capital and need help with more complicated processes such as rolling over a 401k or opening an IRA account. In that case, it is advisable to ignore the geographical location when choosing your investment organization.

After our team's research, we identified these five gold investment firms. Our list includes customer reviews, BBB ratings, general status, and payment options. It is from the analysis of over 1500 companies.

The Top 5 Companies

"Best Overall"

Goldco is a company that assists clients in purchasing gold and setting up IRAs. The company was founded over a decade ago by a father and son team who have been in the industry for over 20 years. They have accumulated over 1,000 5-star reviews on multiple review sites like BBB and Trust Pilot.

Goldco has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, which is unsurprising given its reputation as one of the best precious metal shops. In addition, Better Business Bureau gave them an A+ rating for their excellent customer service. Goldco's website offers more than just gold: It also provides silver, platinum, and palladium, as well as other precious metals like rhodium and iridium.

Augusta Precious Metals is one of the best precious metal shops in Los Angeles. The organization opened shop more than 12 years ago and has a reputation for amazing customer care for its services. Augusta holds a 4.96 rating on BBB, and Consumer Alliance gave them a 5-star rating. This makes it hard to overlook Augusta Precious Metals.

The Birch Gold Group is a Burbank-based company providing its customers with the highest quality of services and support since 2003. Birch Gold Group educates its clients on investment options to ensure that clients are confident in their decisions when investing in precious metals. Clients also get after services from an investment specialist who can improve their options when making investment decisions.

American Hartford Gold is an LA-based gold and silver investment company that offers financial services to people of all ages. However, the family-owned business has been run outside Florida since 2015.

The company is known for its commitment to customer service. According to their experience spanning over 20 years, American Hartford Gold believes no two customers are the same. They indicate that they intend to assist novice and professional investors attain their targets by strategically using precious metals.

Regal Assets is a Los Angeles-based precious metals company that has been around for a while but is only now gaining traction in the market. Regal Assets has been around for a while and has grown considerably over time because they offer a wide variety of investment opportunities for those who want more than just gold or silver coins on their shelves when they come to their store. This gives them more reach than many other companies in this space without sacrificing quality control or customer service standards.

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