What Are The Best Gold Coins To Buy For Investment?

By John Otis

March 17, 2021

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Gold has been recognized as a precious metal for thousands of years, but many people are just discovering how much it can do from them. You don’t have to fill your drawers with gold bars, either. There are many ways to make more from your portfolio with gold.

There are stocks, ETFs, and mutual funds. However, it’s generally agreed that the best way to invest in gold is to have it in physical form, especially in coins.

These gold assets are easy to liquidate and serve a significant role in numerous industries, not just jewelry and metal. There’s a regular need for gold, which is also protected from corrosion and doesn’t need a lot of room to be kept in.

It’s also so good for investment because of how well its value holds up. If you’re feeling nervous about the dollar’s value declining, investing in gold is an excellent move.

We hope to tell you all you need to know about gold coins and the best ones to invest in with this guide. 

How Is A Gold Coin Valued?

Gold isn’t just valued based on weight. If that were the case, you would attach the same price to two coins with equal weight. Gold appraisers have to take a more nuanced route to determine what coins are truly worth.

Type of Coin

 There are lots of designs for gold coins, and these can have a big influence on value. Brush up on the different types of coins with this guide:

  • Certified Coins - A certified coin receives a rating between one and 70 through the Sheldon Coin Grading Scale. The bigger the number, the greater the coin quality. The value of these coins can vary, even with equal weight.
  • Bullion Coins - Bullion coins are ones made of precious metals, including gold. These are usually purchased in surplus for investment purposes. The value of these coins is determined based on current gold prices as well as the coin’s overall condition
  • Proof Coins - Manufacturer techniques determine proof coin value. However, they’re the finest United States-minted gold coins. They’re able to maintain a great appearance through their refined packaging.
  • Uncirculated Coins - While these coins might not be in circulation, they’re still often in excellent condition. It includes coins with ratings 60 and above and ones that have been taken out of production. Compared to proof coins, circulated coins are far more affordable.

Size Matters

There’s more to consider when choosing gold coins than size, but it’s one of the most critical parts. With thicker and wider coins, you’re typically going to see a greater value.

It’s still good to think about all of the other factors regarding the coin. In some cases, a coin could have half the size and twice the value of another.

What's The Condition?

A gold coin’s condition is critical. This is also knowing as “grading,” with the one to 70 scores being used. The differences between a coin with a score of one and one with 70 are immediately apparent. You’ll see far more scratches and other flaws on the former.

You can find lots of great coins. However, you should get a professional appraiser to determine its condition. It’s also vital to keep your coins in good condition. Look into strong storage cases to keep them in good shape.

Finding A Trustworthy Seller

You need to get your gold from a trustworthy source. With more people recognizing the pros of gold, there are more opportunities for evil folks to try and get in on the action. Many will use dishonest methods to lure buyers in, hoping they don’t realize that they’re getting a raw deal.

An excellent way to avoid these types is to buy your gold coins on the internet. It’s a lot more convenient, as you can make your order right from home. It also keeps you away from high-pressure sales tactics, ones that even the most vigilant of us can fall for.

Be careful about the sites you visit and buy from as well. Check other sources, such as review sites, to make sure they’re legitimate, as online scams are a real problem, too.

Best 1oz Gold Coins (Value & Price)

The best value 1oz gold coin is hard to narrow down since the word "value" is subjective. However, we can look at the popularity of coins to determine which are the best gold coins to own.

Here are the top 7 most valued and popular gold coins to buy now.

1.) 1oz Gold Maple Leaf Coin - Canada

This is a gold bullion coin distributed annually in Canada. The Royal Canadian Mint manufactures it purely with Canadian gold. This mint has a solid reputation for great gold, and you can see that through this coin.

This coin was first issued in 1979. Since then, it’s become highly desired for investing and jewelry purposes. It can also be used as money, as it’s worth $50 in Canada.

2.) 1oz Gold Kangaroo - Perth, Australia

This Perth Mint coin dates back to 1986 and has been recognized as having great value. Its kangaroo design does a fine job of standing out and showing where it came from. Although Perth Mint has lots to be proud of, this coin is unquestionably its most iconic contribution.

The 1 oz Gold Kangaroo’s popularity is well-earned, and it’s a great coin for any new investors. This coin also has some excellent value, being worth $100 in Australia.

3.) 1oz Gold Buffalo Coin - U.S. Mint

This coin is fairly new, having begun production in 2006. It was actually made to compete against the Gold Maple Leaf Coin. It’s made of 24 karat gold, a bit finer than American Gold Eagle.

It’s also got a really great aesthetic, which makes it perfect for display, in a good case, of course. It’s worth $50 in the United States.

4.) 1oz Gold Philharmonic Coin - Austria

The majesty of the Vienna Concert Hall’s music is reflected through the Austrian Mint’s Philharmonic Coin's shining excellence. This was the first European gold bullion coin aimed at investors. First brainstormed in 1986, it wasn’t released until 1989.

Every Gold Philharmonic Coin is 24 karat gold and is worth 100 euros. If you want a coin that’s both easy to find but has lots of refinement, you should go for the Gold Philharmonic Coin.

5.) 1oz Gold Britannia - U.K. Royal Mint

The United Kingdom Royal Mint improved the quality of their Gold Britannia coin in 2013. It went from being .9167 to .9999. On one side, you can see Queen Elizabeth II. On the other, is Britannia securing the oceans, as shown by the Romans.

This mint has been around for more than a millennium. They’ve made coins for use throughout the world. This particular coin is worth 100 Euros.

It’s also available for IRA investment. You can have gold coins sitting in the same investment portfolio as your paper assets.

6.) 1oz Gold Krugerrand - South Africa

There isn’t much controversy about the coins on this list. However, the major exception is this one. First issued in 1964, it was also the first widely available gold bullion coin from South Africa. In relatively little time, it reached global popularity.

This coin is 91.7 percent gold. The rest of it is copper. “Krugerrand” is a portmanteau of Paul Kruger, the first Boer president of South Africa, and the rand, South Africa’s currency. Kruger’s image is on one side, with the Springbok, the country’s national animal, on the other side.

There were many sanctions put against South Africa when apartheid was underway. This made the Krugerrand harder to find. However, it’s easier to find now, and it’s still got a lot of value.

7.) 1oz Gold Eagle Coin - U.S. Mint

The United States Mint’s most famed coin is the 1 oz Gold Eagle Coin. It’s been produced since 1986, solely with gold sourced in the United States. It’s worth 50 American dollars, and it’s a little bigger than the 1 oz Gold Buffalo coins.

Final Thoughts

Gold investors love finding coins they didn’t know about. It requires more than just blindly picking them based on looks or what a salesperson says. You need to be diligent in your research, not taking your chances on any part of it.

There are many reasons to buy gold, including as gifts for others or to protect your savings and retirement from inflation and devaluation of the dollar. In any case, you need to make sure you’re getting the right gold for the right reasons.

If you know about
investing in gold, what do you think about this list? We’d love to hear from you so that we can provide the best information possible.

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