Code of Business Conduct & Ethics

Otis Gold Corp. requires high standards of professional and ethical conduct from its employees. The company’s reputation with our shareholders, business partners, prospective investors and other stakeholders for honesty and integrity is key to the success of its business. To download the full Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, please click here.

Corporate Governance Committee Charter

The Corporate Governance Committee’s mandate is to assist the Board in establishing and maintaining a sound system of corporate governance through a process of continuing assessment and enhancement. To download the full Corporate Governance Committee Charter, please click here.

Environment & Communities


As an exploration and development company, Otis Gold appreciates its environmental performance will be under appropriate levels of scrutiny at all times. It is committed to do the utmost to prevent, minimize and remediate any detrimental impacts its operations may have on the environment. Throughout all current and future operations Otis Gold will:

  • Identify, assess, measure and manage environmental risk at every stage of a project’s development and rigorously apply safeguards,
  • Analyze and gain a thorough appreciation of the impacts on the environment of the complete life-cycle of its development operations,
  • Comply with, and exceed wherever possible, all environmental legislation, regulation and guidelines,
  • Regulate, audit, review and report on environmental performance,
  • Submit to voluntary risk assessments, management system audits and any other commitments required by the host country,
  • Use resources efficiently and prevent or minimize pollution,
  • Consult and communicate openly with governments, communities, customers, employees, suppliers, investors and stakeholders on environmental performance, and
  • Strive to continuously improve environmental performance.


Communities are of paramount importance to Otis Gold’s operations as they are most often the first point of contact. They are also a vital source of employees. In keeping with the philosophies of sustainable development best practice, Otis Gold pays close attention to a community’s economic, social and environmental needs and expectations. Respect for the communities in which it operates is demonstrated through efforts to build strong and long-term relationships with governments, suppliers, local partners, neighbors and employees. Through this, Otis Gold will:

  • Responsibly and ethically manage relationships with the communities in which it operates,
  • Recognize that communities and environment are interdependent and be accountable for the effects and potential consequences of Company actions on both,
  • Value cultural heritage, respect the traditional rights of indigenous peoples, acknowledge and accommodate cultural differences, preferences and lifestyles,
  • Promote open, honest communication with people and consider their perceptions, opinions and concerns in decision-making,
  • Consult and communicate with communities in which it operates on all activities that impact on them throughout the life of the operations,
  • Advance the sustainable development of host communities by forming local partnerships and improving economic benefits,
  • Advocate the responsible use and management of Otis Gold products and by-products throughout the life of the project,
  • Support community-based projects that have a positive effect and are sustainable, and
  • Review social performance in the communities and communicate progress to local stakeholders.